BeautyBlender is the tool that changes makeup!

I have been using the Beauty Blender for over three years and haven’t found anything comparable to it in the beauty world! This fascinating tool, is available in it’s signature pink and now in black and pearl colors, and will aid you in achieving a flawless, photo finish complexion. The Beauty Blender takes all the streakiness and messiness of brushes away and gives you the ability to apply foundation like a professional makeup artist! Most foundation brushes tend to leave streaks on the face causing the makeup to sit on top of the skin. With this beautiful latex free, non-allergenic tool you can press the makeup onto the skin to meld the product flawlessly.
I wanted to share all the different ways I have used the Beauty Blender over the past several years. Some I’m sure seem obvious and others, well, let’s just say there are some days when I have to get creative and the Beauty Blender has come to my aid many times!
My Step by Step process of applying makeup with the BeautyBlender:
1. Get the BeautyBlender wet and squeeze out the excess water. This will expand the sponge 2-3x’s its original size.
2. Pump a small amount of your favorite foundation in the palm of your hand and gently roll one side of the sponge into the foundation. Placing foundation in the palm of your hand allows the makeup to become the same temp as your skin and makes application smoother.
3. Place the Beauty Blender with foundation onto the face and begin to gently rock the blender from left to right covering every part of the face and working down the neck. This isn’t so much of a stipple action as it is a rolling or rocking motion. Stippling will create a patchiness with your foundation. Swiping will create streaks. It takes a little finessing to achieve rocking the sponge from Left to Right, or vise versa but you’ll see the difference once you get the hang of it!
4. Utilize the soft pointed end of the Beauty Blender for those hard to reach spots like around the nose, corners of the eye and under eye area.
5. To create more coverage, go over the skin again with a second application.
Aside from the obvious reasons to use the Beauty Blender (for foundation application above) here are other things I have found myself picking up little sponge to achieve!
Contour and Highlight - With the unique angle and shape of the Beauty Blender, you can use darker cream shades to create contours in the hollows of the cheek, along the hairline and the desired areas of the jaw and neckline. Using the soft pointed end on a slight angle you can use highlighting creams to press along the cheekbones and under the brow to create the illusion of lift.
Conceal - I use several different types of cream concealers and the Beauty Blender works well with all of them! After applying foundation I use the beauty blender to softly press concealer under the eyes, around the nose to reduce redness and to diffuse splotchy areas the foundation might not have fully covered.
Lighten Lips - Sometimes lips have a bit too much pigment for a specific look I’m going for. I use the Beauty Blender with any remaining product (foundation or concealer) to gently blot the lip to give a softer, lighter tone. It also creates a nice thin base for applying a heavy or bright lip.
Body Makeup - Usually with body makeup I’ll start by using my hands to get initial coverage. Then I’ll go over trouble spots with the Beauty Blender. Using the wide, round end of the sponge I add creamy highlighter down the front center of the legs to give pop and a sexy shine.
Diffuse Products - Sometimes application may be a little heavy or too bright. Using the fuller end of the Beauty Blender can help soften any hard lines and bring balance back to the look
It’s FUN! - Every time I start a makeup application on a client the Beauty Blender becomes a conversation starter. You can’t miss the bright pink color or the unique egg shape and not wonder, “What in the world is that for?”.
I can’t imagine not having the Beauty Blender in my kit. It has taken the place of several tools I used to carry with me in the past. Many brushes, extra white triangular sponges, puffs and even larger sponges. If there’s one tool I recommend most to models, artists, celebs and friends it’s the Beauty Blender. Even my mother has one in her makeup bag! :-)
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MaskerAide! You can fool any friend who ever knew you..

Masquerade, paper faces on parade… 

(Phantom of the Opera reference :-P)

We all have those days where we wish we had the Phantom of the Opera mask (or at the least our shades) to cover our faces during the day. This is usually due to our lack of sleep from stress, partying over the weekend, a terrifying breakout or because we simply haven’t had time to tend to our skin. MaskerAide has designed six fantastic masks to target specific areas of need for every gal out there! Finally a mask brand to help you toss out that mental anguish of wishing you had a daytime mask to wear and feel proud of your skin!

This Canadian based company has two categories of masks. 

Clear Based Serum: a lighter consistency that is great for day or night time use or before a makeup application! Try the All Nighter, Detox Diva, and Pre Party Prep

Cream Based Serum: a slightly heavier base and is recommended for use in the evening before bed over a lazy weekend! Try the Beauty Rest’ore, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Weather Warrior

MaskerAide cares about the ingredients that could negatively affect their customer’s health by leaving out the following from their masks:

Harsh Dyes & Pigments
Mineral Oils
Artificial Fragrances

Follow the link below try a few masks to address your needs and seriously get excited for your package to arrive in the mail! You can fool any friend who ever knew you or share your secret! These masks would make AMAZING gifts for those on-the-go girlfriends. Bring an assortment to an all nighter pamper party! I personally have used the masks for model prep on beauty shoots and for myself I’m loving the All Nighter and Beauty Rest’ore.

Additional Fun Facts: Vegan Friendly, Great for Sensitive Skin, Has a Minimal Eco Print, Non-Toxic, Anti-Bacterial, Affordable and Effective. Store mask in the fridge for those hot summer days, packaging is recyclable, cut up the mask if you just need help in targeted areas.

Price: $4.99ea

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