Hair #102

Advanced Blow Dry, Styling + Updos
Hands On Training

April 23 - 26, 2017
Milwaukee, WI

Enrollment Deadline March 23, 2017

Hair #102 builds upon the fundamentals taught in the Hair #101 Class. This workshop is meant to equip you with a full arsenal of hair styles and my own tricks to quick hair changes.  You will walk away with the ability to create strong updos and unique styles for your photo shoots and bridal clientele.

All types of artists are welcome to attend this workshop, the only requirement is having attended Hair #101 (or hold a cosmetology license). I ask that you come with an open heart and headspace to learn and grow!

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Class Structure & Overview

Each day will build upon the day before. Due to this method of teaching it is not an option to pick and choose days to attend the workshop. I want you to walk away from this class feeling you had time to adequately grow and create muscle memory.

Day 1

Advanced Blow Dry + Hot Tool Tricks

Study + Discussion
+Refresh on Hair Theory & Techiques from Hair #101
+Discuss difficulties faced within your day to day styling
+Check up on muscle memory and progress from Hair #101

Hands On
+Working with dirty hair and how to turn things around
+Adding Volume & Thickness to hair quickly
+How to deal with thin/fine hair
+Tricks for working with thick, heavy hair
+Tips when blow drying short styles
+Working with natural hair
+Mason Pearson Blowout
+Twisting Techniques & sets to create movement

Day 2

Curls + Waves + Texture

Study + Discussion
+Working with Fundamental Shapes
(homework for Day 4 will be given)
+Foundational Hair Sets

Hands On

+Sectioning + Parting Smoothly
+Finger Waves Then & Now
+Creative Pin Curls
+Setting Hair Techniques
+Additional Texture Tricks
+Creating the Illusion of Movement

Hair Extensions + Pieces + Wigs
+Glue in vs Clip In and How to Apply Both
+Human vs Synthetic Hair Extensions
+Extension Sets, Pieces, Half Head, etc.
+Fringe Extensions
+Hair Pieces

Day 3

Braids + Knots

Study + Discussion
+Maintaining your physical health while working with hair
+Habits to form for longevity in your career
+Dexterity for braids

Hands On
+Basic Braid
+French Braid
+Dutch Braid
+Fishtail Braid
+Braids with Extensions
+Variations of Knots & Buns
+French Twist

Day 4

Updos + Twists

Study + Discussion
+Architecture of an Updo
+Creating the Appropriate Textures
+Seeing Shapes and Placement

Hands On

+Building a Strong Base
+Creating Padding
+Proper Pinning
+Fastening + Sewing Hair
+Advanced Backcombing
+Modern Twists on Classic Styles

What Will The Class Cost?
$2000 class fee

50% Deposit Required to Save Spot

50% Remaining due 1 month before class start date

50% Refund for Cancellation
up to 1 month before class start date

No Refund 60 Days Before
Class Start Date

Class Schedule
Day 1 - Day 5

9:00am - 12:30pm 
1:30pm - 6:30pm

Milwaukee, WI
(Venue will be shared when deposit is made for the class)

How Many Attendees?
Up to 10 artists 

What's Provided
+Mannequin Head (yours to take home)
+Mannequin Stand (available for purchase)

What to Bring?
+Your current hair kit
(Suggested tools will be shared when deposit is made for the class)

+Digital or Print Portfolio 
  (if you have one)

+Notebook / Laptop

Using Format