Testimonials from those who have attended Crazypretty Workshops

Two things I never thought I'd say, but I'm saying! 1. I love blowdrying and have been doing it on almost every client with awesome results! 2. I can't believe I did hair for over 10 years without a marcel iron! It's SO much better than a spring clamp iron and I am obsessed!

Crazypretty's workshop demystified hair for me. I now go in with a plan and know what my end result will be, rather than throwing a Hail Mary and hoping it'll be okay in the end. I am forever grateful to Lindsey for helping me elevate my brand and stretch myself as an artist.

Lindsey said, "If you're a makeup artist who styles hair and watches YouTube before gigs, who doesn't carry a blow dryer and doesn't want to pay $10,000 for beauty school, then this class is for you!" That was me! Now after Lindsey's class I feel much more confident in my work and it shows. I'm hoping she does a Part 2 Class because I would take it in a second!

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